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Dec 18, 2016

#MFRWauthor Holiday Book Spotlight: A Regency Yuletide @BeckyLower1

A Regency Yuletide
by Becky Lower
Historical Romance with Sass

After a disappointing season in London, Sophie Davenport returns home without a marriage proposal, which she doesn’t mind. However, her mother and her uncle do mind, and set about getting Sophie married to the vicar’s son. When Jeremy Wyatt wanders into their lives, Sophie wonders whether a loveless marriage is what she wants, and Jeremy begins to question his lifestyle. It takes Christmas, and mistletoe, to upend their lives. 

Being of good English stock, Sophie Davenport loved the rain. At least most of the time, since it made the rolling hills of Carlisle a pretty, bucolic green in the summer. Today however, she took her knitting to the window seat in the library and gazed into the darkening countryside while her fingers flew, making stitches from the fine wool. It had been raining for days now, which, in and of itself, was not an uncommon event during the month of December. But this afternoon the gloom settled over her as if it were a heavy blanket. She had lost so much time by trotting to London for her first season on the marriage mart at the insistence of her Uncle Harry, that she was unable to tend to her gardens and her charitable pursuits this year. He had hoped to foist Sophie off to a gentleman of means, so he could be rid of both Sophie and her mother.

The season had been an abysmal failure, at least in Mother’s eyes. And in the eyes of Uncle Harry, since Sophie had returned home empty-handed. Not one man had danced with her unless you counted pimply-faced Freddie, her cousin, who had done so out of family duty rather than real interest. Sophie, however, breathed a sigh of relief at returning home without sparking the interest of a gentleman, since the men of the Ton were, for the most part, more interested in their own appearances than in hers. If she had to cast her fortunes in with someone, it would most certainly not be with a man who had a larger wardrobe than she.

Jul 27, 2015

BOOK SPOTLIGHT: Lady's Waver @GeorgieLeeBooks #MFRWauthor

Lady's Wager
by Georgie Lee
Regency Romance

Charlotte Stuart is an heiress who's been betrayed by the false love of a fortune hunter before. Lord Edward Woodcliff, made leery of marriage by his father’s disastrous second marriage, feigns poverty in order to find a woman who loves him and not his wealth. He loses his heart to the spirited Charlotte, but her fear of being betrayed, and his hesitation to make a matrimonial mistake, prove difficult to overcome.

All seems hopeless until Edward challenges Charlotte to a wager. If he wins, he gains her hand in marriage. If he loses, then Charlotte is free of him. Charlotte accepts the wager only to lose her hand and her heart to Edward. Now Charlotte must put aside her fears of being betrayed by love long enough to let Edward into her life and admit he is the man of her dreams.

An independent heiress and a stubborn Viscount stake their hearts and their futures on a wager. BUY LINK

“Miss Stuart, young ladies don’t usually frequent this section of Hookham's.”
The strong male voice startled Charlotte, causing her to drop her books. She spun around to discover Lord Woodcliff behind her, his blue eyes beneath his solid brow fixing on hers with stunning intensity. She’d been so lost in thought she hadn't heard him approach. Now, with him before her, every notion deserted her except for fascination with his smile and the way the light from the windows fell over the solid curve of his shoulders. He stood a good head taller than her, his chest wide and sturdy beneath his well-fitted coat of dark green wool.
He laid his book on the shelf then bent to retrieve hers from the floor. His arm muscle flexed beneath his sleeve as he held the weight of the tomes he stacked in the crook of his elbow. His strength proved as stunning as his sudden appearance, and the pull of his dun colored breeches over the curve of his knee. She shouldn't be admiring him, or allowing him to assist her, but she couldn't help herself. There was something about his confidence and the ease with which he moved which captured her attention.
He paused to examine the slimmest of the tomes then glanced up, one eyebrow arched. “I thought ladies shunned such subjects as surgery and disease?”
His comment snapped her out of her unexpected and unnerving fugue.
“I've heard a great deal today about gentlemen’s expectations of ladies.” Charlotte snatched the book from him. “Gentlemen would do well to learn not all ladies are hen-witted.”
“I’m glad to hear it, for society is already overrun with wet geese.” He rose and beneath the high linen of his cravat, his neck muscles tightened as he held out the stack to her.
Charlotte studied him in an attempt to discern if he was mocking her or if he was serious, but his expression held no hint of the arrogance he’d exhibited at the Royal Academy.
ABOUT Georgie Lee
A lifelong history buff, award winning author Georgie Lee hasn't given up hope that she will one day inherit a title and a manor house. Until then, she fulfills her dreams of lords, ladies and a season in London through her stories. When not writing, she can be found reading non-fiction history or watching any movie with a costume and an accent. Please visit to learn more about Georgie and her books.

Jun 21, 2015

BOOK SPOTLIGHT: A Marquis For All Seasons by #MFRWauthor Renee Reynolds @eenayray

A Marquis For All Seasons
Book 2 in The Lords of Oxford series
by Renée Reynolds
Rock Creek Publishing

Lady Miranda Leighton and the Marquis of Stafford, Roman de Courtenay, have a similar problem: their families want them to find a spouse.  Together they hatch the perfect scheme: they will pretend an attachment and trick their families in their pursuit of one last season of unencumbered entertainment.  Yet, in each other's constant company, they find their ruse giving rise to some surprisingly very real feelings.  What happens when you set out to fool society, but only end up fooling yourselves? Lady Miranda Leighton and the Marquis of Stafford, Roman de Courtenay, have a similar problem: their families want them to find a spouse.  Together they decide to pretend an attachment to trick their families while they enjoy one last Season.  In each other's constant company, pretense blurs with reality, and they learn love doesn't play games.
The Marquis of Stafford laughed and the mirth returned to his eyes.  “I will likely regret this decision, but I have an idea.  Forces beyond our apparent control have decreed that you need a husband, and that I need a wife.  It seems we are perfectly suited to be the answer to each other's problem.”
Lady Miranda's eyes widened, her mouth gaping in shock.  This was not a topic she would have ever guessed for discussion between the two people most disinclined toward matrimony.  For certain, she misheard his words.  “Am I mistaken, or did you just make me an offer?” she rushed out in a gust of breath.  By the immediate look of surprise and dread mingling across his face, she knew she had indeed misunderstood.
“Good God, no!” he shouted before catching himself, looking around the room to see if he had been overheard.  He pushed her toward the door, and they exited into the dim sunshine of the partly cloudy day.  “I meant only that we could work together to help each other avoid marriage, since we are both desperate to do so.”
Miranda took in a deep breath, relieved, but also a little perturbed.  She would be a fine catch for any gentleman, and should not inspire such a look of utter affright.  “So . . . your actual proposal is thus: to avoid marriage, we must pretend an interest in each other.  It would be remiss of me, however, if I failed to point out, since we have shown no such inclinations previously, that hurdle will be difficult to overcome.”
“Perhaps with those who have been in our company of late, but not those who have been absent, such as a brother and sister recently returned from one month's rustication in Kent.”
Miranda's mind began to churn with thoughts and ideas of bringing this new plan into action.  She had to admit – but only to herself – it really was terribly well-conceived, and she did love to trick her brother whenever possible.  But it would take a deft touch to keep other friends and family from being suspicious.  She did so love a challenge!
“We must tread carefully, to prevent others from thinking our interests developed too soon, and also to prevent charges of caprice against ourselves when we eventually fall out of favor with each other.  We must 'kill two dogs with one stone.'”
ABOUT Renée Reynolds
Author Renée Reynolds grew up all over the world in a family whose motto is you can never learn too much, travel too much, or talk too much.  She owns an impressive stack of degrees that she ignores to instead write about what she cannot do: go back in time to dance at balls and flirt with lords and scoundrels.

Renée found her HEA in Texas, where she resides with the hubs, the kiddos, and a menagerie of pets. They've added to the family motto: you can never read too much, too often, or too late at night.


Jun 14, 2015

BOOK SPOTLIGHT: Lord Love a Duke by #MFRWauthor Renee Reynolds @eenayray

Lord Love a Duke

Book 1 in The Lords of Oxford series
by Renée Reynolds
Rock Creek Publishing

Jonas Leighton, Duke of Dorset, needs to find a husband for his spirited sister, Lady Miranda, before she drives him insane. His hastily organized house party causes her enlist the help of her best friend, Lady Juliet Quinn, to enact a series of pranks meant to distract the Duke . . . if only he would cooperate and be the victim.

Most complicating of all is the Duke's secret admiration for Lady Juliet, who is off limits in many ways; not only a friend to Miranda, she is also the sister of his close friend, Charles, Earl of Bristol. It doesn't help that Lady Juliet herself has vowed to avoid marriage, wanting no part of something based on convenience, money, or titles.

Everyone at the party seems to have their own plots and schemes, and the final prank yields the biggest surprise of all. Whatever is a duke to do?

"Zounds!  Lady Juliet was stunning, thought Jonas as he climbed into the carriage to escape the hot summer sun.  She lay across the plush, navy velvet seat with one leg dropped to the floor, her tall, curvy form stretched out as much as possible in the close confines of the carriage.  Her hair was the color of rich, dark chocolate, piled high on her head with several tendrils escaping as she rested.  Long lashes lay against smooth cheeks that had pinkened slightly from the warmth of the day, their color matching her full pink lips.  He unconsciously stretched a hand toward her face to see if her skin was as soft as it seemed when she suddenly spoke.

""I know you are here.  I can hear you breathing.  Perchance do you have any treats to share?"" she asked drowsily without opening her eyes, the corner of her mouth quirked up in a half smile.  She raised and opened the fan that had been sitting across her stomach.  ""We picked the hottest day to travel, did we not?"" He watched as she delicately pulled her bodice away from her warm body to fan air down the top of her gown.  His mouth went dry and he suddenly felt it was much warmer in the carriage than without.  He struggled to swallow past a throat that was too dry.

""Indeed, Lady Juliet, it is rather warm for May, but we shall soon feel a cooling breeze off the Channel, I should think.""

Juliet's eyes flew open at the sound of his rich baritone voice and she scrambled to right herself in the seat, dropping her fan and shaking the carriage in her haste.  ""Saints and sinners, Your Grace, I thought you were Miranda.  You nearly scared me to death!""  He smiled and watched as she blushed furiously.

""Forgive me, my lady, but I sought the shade offered by the carriage while the horses were watered and rested.  Mama and Miranda are yet inside.""

""Yes, your sister had thought to find some lemonade or cider.  I think Her Grace was also anxious to stretch her legs.""  Juliet felt as if she were prattling but was too shaken to stop herself.  His stare was unnerving her, his blue eyes the color of the sea they would soon be near.  She felt her blush deepen as he continued to watch her.  It seemed the carriage had gotten smaller with the presence of his tall, muscular, and broad-shouldered frame taking up both space and air.

""Tell me, Lady Juliet, when did you grow up?” he could not prevent himself from asking.  “It seems the last I noticed you were a tomboy in pigtails, chasing frogs and causing mischief with my sister.""

She fluttered her lashes down in embarrassment, not realizing the alluring nature of her action.  Her lips turned up with a slight grimace.  ""You have been occupied with affairs of more import than your sister's friend as I have not worn pigtails nor chased frogs for some years now, Your Grace.  Miranda and I are of an age, which you well know, having been tormented by basically having two younger sisters each summer for the past fifteen years.""

""I think my true torment may have yet to begin,"" he murmured to himself."

ABOUT Renée Reynolds
Author Renée Reynolds grew up all over the world in a family whose motto is you can never learn too much, travel too much, or talk too much.  She owns an impressive stack of degrees that she ignores to instead write about what she cannot do: go back in time to dance at balls and flirt with lords and scoundrels.

Renée found her HEA in Texas, where she resides with the hubs, the kiddos, and a menagerie of pets. They've added to the family motto: you can never read too much, too often, or too late at night.


Mar 26, 2015

What the Duke Wants: 13 Favorite Authors on #Thursday13 with #MFRWauthor @AmyQuinton

MFRW author Amy Quinton shares her 13 favorite authors.
Amy Quinton is an author and full time mom living in Summerville, SC. She enjoys writing (and reading!) sexy, historical romances. She lives with her husband, two boys, and two cats. In her spare time, she likes to go camping, hiking, and canoeing/kayaking… And did she mention reading? When she’s not reading, cleaning, or traveling, she likes to make jewelry, sew, knit, and crochet (Yay for Ravelry!).
Thirteen Favorite Authors

1. Kresley Cole
2. Julia Quinn
3. Karen Marie Moning
4. Julie Anne Long
5. Eloisa James
6. Johanna Lindsey
7. Kristen Callihan
8. Tessa Dare
9. Elizabeth Hoyt
10. Monica McCarty
11. Sara MacLean
12. Julia London
13. Paula Quinn

What the Duke Wants

Agents of Change, Book 1
Erotic Regency Romance
Liquid Silver Books

Upstanding duke desperately seeks accident-prone wife from trade…

1814: Miss Grace (ha!) Radclyffe is an oftentimes hilariously clumsy orphan biding her time until she is old enough to come into her small inheritance. Much to her aunt’s chagrin, she isn’t: reserved, sophisticated, or graceful (she once flung her dinner into a duke’s face). But she is: practical and in love… possibly…

The Duke of Stonebridge is an agent with a tragic past. His father died mysteriously amid speculation that he was ‘involved’ with another man. The duke must restore his family name, but on the eve of his engagement, he meets his betrothed’s cousin, and his world is turned inside out… No matter, he is always: logical and reserved. And he isn’t: impulsive or in love… possibly…

Therefore, despite the uncomfortable feeling of wetness seeping through her gown and the faint-though-nearby sound of dripping mud, she did what any sensible lady of good upbringing would do in less than ideal circumstances. She cursed. With conviction. 
“Bloody hell. Not again.”
So maybe she didn’t say that.
Grace now made a herculean effort to pull herself together (and not curse), confident she would be laughing off the memory. Later. Perhaps tomorrow. Or the next day. 
“Excuse me, my lord? I am afraid the mud might be hardening and whilst I love gardens, I do not want to become a permanent fixture in this one.”
There. This is good. My brain is functioning again, albeit a bit impertinently. 
She let slip a light chuckle hoping to further diffuse the awkwardness of the situation. Who doesn’t appreciate a little self-deprecating humor to smooth over an uncomfortable state of affairs?
“Of course. . . May I ask? Does this sort of thing. . . happen. . . often?”
Apparently, not this man.
Abruptly, Stonebridge spoke: “Bryans, I want you to find out all you can about a woman here by the name of Miss Grace Radclyffe. I assume she’s a guest.” He wasn’t sure what prompted his request; the words just seemed to burst out of his mouth of their own volition. 
“No need, Your Grace. She’s all anyone has talked about since we arrived. Apparently, she’s the earl’s niece through his first, now deceased, wife. All the servants are half in love with her, as she’s quite friendly with the staff, knows everyone by their first name and all that. She’s been living here about a year, since her parents died. Her father was a bookseller in Oxford, and probably why she doesn’t put on airs with the staff. Shall I inquire further?”
“No, thank you. That will be all.”
“Oh, and I almost forgot. It seems she has a peculiar tendency toward clumsiness.”
“Don’t I know it,” murmured the duke. 
“What was that, Your Grace?”
“Nothing. That will be all.”
“Very good, Your Grace. I shall inquire further without betraying your interest.”
The duke ignored the impudence and left without another word, slamming the door behind him. 
Stonebridge remained completely still. He closed his eyes as he tried to hold on to her lingering scent and the image of her staring up at him with so much intensity—with desire in her eyes. Then, ever so slowly, he leaned his head against the books where only moments before she had stood within his arms, within his reach. His heart still beat erratically. 
He had nearly kissed her. And what a mess that would have been. And yet, he was completely undone, for it wasn’t he who had stopped it from happening.

CONNECT with Amy
Web site:
Amazon Author Page:
Goodreads Author Page: https:/

Apr 25, 2014

BOOK SPOTLIGHT: Brigand @Sabrina_York #MFRWauthor

It's Here! It's Here! The Fourth Book in the Scorching Regency “Noble Passions” Series by Sabrina York Releases!

Fans of Sabrina York’s steamy Regency series have been eagerly awaiting the release of, the fourth book (following award winning Folly, Dark Fancy and the scorching Dark Duke) which follows the adventures of Violet Wyeth who is captured by a vengeful Scottish Brigand…only to discover he is none other than Ewan St. Andrews, the boy she once loved.

Noble Passions: Follow the decadent exploits of friends and enemies as they find love and passion in the glittering world of the Regency—and its dark underbelly. Each book is a stand-alone read.

If you’re new to the series, download Sabrina’s free teaser book at to read blurbs and excerpts for this popular series. Each book in the series is a stand-alone story.

by Sabrina York
Kidnapped and held prisoner by menacing Scottish brigand, the notorious McCloud, Violet Wyeth does her best to persevere…and resist his rakish charms. But when she realizes The McCloud is really Ewan St. Andrews, the boy who once saved her life, the boy who once kissed her and made her heart flutter, she is lost.

Ewan has every intention of marrying Lady Kaitlin MacAllister. He desperately needs the entrée into the ton this bride can provide. But when his bride is delivered—bound and gagged—it’s not Kaitlin. It’s Violet Wyeth—the girl who betrayed him and ruined his life when he was a boy. He keeps her, determined to punish her for her sins. But when he discovers the truth about what really happened so long ago, and seething passion rises between them, he can no longer hold on to his rusty grudge. By the time he realizes how much he loves Violet—that he always has—he’s lost her.

All he can do is follow her. Follow her into the bowels of hell—and partake in the torment of the glittering London Season, where the harpies are far more dangerous than a Scottish brigand.

An Excerpt From: BRIGAND. Copyright © SABRINA YORK, 2014 | All Rights Reserved, Ellora's Cave Publishing, Inc. By reading any further, you are stating that you are at least 18 years of age. If you are under the age of 18, please exit this site.

Holy Heaven. She would never take a bath for granted again.

Violet stumbled on the stairs and the contents of the heavy bucket sloshed, dousing her with hot water. She sucked in a breath as pain seared. She set the bucket on the landing and pulled her skirts up. Her skin was red. She ruffled the tatters of her petticoats, waiting for the sting to subside.

The door to the Laird’s solar swung open. She stepped back so it wouldn’t hit her and it slammed into the wall. The McCloud glowered down at her. His gaze stalled on her bare legs. It was riveted—until she dropped her skirts—then he snapped, “What the hell is taking so long?” His glanced back at her damp skirts and his frown darkened. He picked up the last bucket and carried it to the tub, dumping it in himself. “For god’s sake. How long does it take to bring a few measly buckets up from the kitchen?”

A few measly buckets? It had taken twelve trips, each with a bucket that weighed near as much as she. Violet glared at him. “Is that enough?” She probably didn’t need to clip the words quite so much but she had already worked for hours. She was tired and sweaty and her skin ached and Morna was waiting for her to come help prepare dinner.

He swished his hand in the water. “Yes. I suppose that will do.”

Not a thank you. Not a smile. Nothing.


She whirled and started for the door.

“Where do you think you’re going?” His voice rumbled, a deep tenor. Her steps slowed.

“Back to the kitchen.” She frowned at him over her shoulder. “I have work to do.”

“You have work to do here.”

“I beg your pardon?” What did he want her to do now, wash his bottom?

“You’re going to bathe me.”

Her heart stilled at his words, his intent, and especially his expression. “Wh-what?”

“Come now, Violet. The laird of the manor can’t be expected to scrub his own back, can he now? Be a good girl, close the door and come over here.”

She gaped at him. Gaped. He expected her to remain in a room with a naked man? He expected her to touch him?

“Close your mouth. You look like a trout.”

“But…I c-can’t. I can’t b-bathe you.”

“You can. And you will.” His eyes glimmered with something other than humor. The unspoken threat hummed in the stony chamber. “You may want to turn around while I undress, unless you want an early education.” He began to unbutton his shirt.

With an undignified eep, Violet whirled and showed him her back until she heard the splash and his gusty sigh.

“All right, girl. Get to work. Scrub my back.” He gestured to a chunk of soap and a sponge on a small table. She picked them up, approached the tub and knelt behind him, trying not to stare at the bunching muscles, the broad expanse of tanned skin. She couldn’t help but notice it was covered with scars. Long and short, crisscrossing over one another. As though he’d been brutally beaten and lashed time after time after—“Did you close the door?”

Her bubbling sympathy evaporated in a rush. She stuck her tongue out at him, but only because he couldn’t see. Then, with a heavy sigh, she levered herself off the floor and closed the door. Well, slammed it.

His chuckle annoyed her more.

He leaned forward and peeped at her over his shoulder. “Come along now. My back isn’t going to scrub itself.”

She took her place behind him again, being very careful not to look at his broad, be-furred chest as she approached. She wet the soap and sponge and created a lather. Being very careful not to touch him, she began to scour his back. He winced. “Not so hard.”

His plaintive tone probably shouldn’t have sent a shard of evil satisfaction through her, but it did. This man had been a boor to her from the moment he’d found her on the floor in Callum MacAllister’s cottage. She dug deeper.

He lurched forward. “Ouch!”

“Hold still,” she muttered, making a wide swath across the ridged skin. “You’re filthy. I need to scrub.”

“I am not filthy.”

“You are. Stop wriggling.”

Amazingly, he did, though her efforts bordered on abuse. But my, it felt good.

When she started on his neck and ears, he caught her wrist. “All right. I think that’s enough.”

“I’m not done.”

“Oh, you’re not done.” He tugged her around to the side of the tub so she faced him. She focused on his crooked nose, schooled her attention not to drift lower. “Now it’s time for you to scrub my front.”

She really disliked his tone. There was mischief—and something much darker—coiling in there. “Fine.” She dropped to her knees and wet the sponge again, but rather than dunking it, merely skimmed the surface of the water.

Fortunately the bath was murky, so she couldn’t see anything. But she knew what was down there and she didn’t want to find it by accident. She trained her attention on his chest, and her heart lurched.

A long, nasty scar scored him. Like a puckered lightning bolt, it made its jagged way from his left nipple down to his belly. Her pulse skittered. Her breath snagged in her throat. She’d only ever seen a scar like that once before.

A scar exactly like that.

Her gaze snapped back to his face. She looked at him. Really looked at him, perhaps for the first time. Her mouth went dry. The gray eyes laced by thick black lashes. The broad, smiling mouth. The curve of his jaw.

It couldn’t be. Could it?

“W-where did you get that scar?”

He glanced down and stilled. Annoyance flickered across his features. “Every man has scars.”

“Not-not like that.” She sat back on her haunches. She didn’t realize she was squeezing the sponge until water seeped through her skirts.

“All right. A knife fight.”

“Knives don’t cut like that.” It was uneven and rippled, as though the flesh and been shorn off in places and sliced in others.

“Well, it was a goddamn knife fight. I was in a vicious battle with a man in an alley. I gutted him.” His lip curled into a sneer. “Does it frighten you, my lady?”

“No.” But that was a lie. It did frighten her. Because Ewan, her friend, the boy who had saved her, had gotten an eerily similar wound rescuing her from a watery grave. And surely this wasn’t Ewan. It couldn’t be.

Ewan was gentle and sweet. He had liked her, maybe loved her. He had kissed her. And this man… This man had taken her prisoner and mauled her and put her to work.

And she hated him.

He couldn’t be Ewan. He couldn’t. It would break her heart.

“Goddamn it, girl, finish washing me. The water’s getting cold,” he barked

But she couldn’t. She needed to know. She had to know.

“It wasn’t a knife. It was ice.” A whisper, but he heard it. He froze, his gaze locked to hers. “You jumped in and found me in the water. Lifted me out. But you couldn’t get out yourself.”

“I don’t know what you’re babbling about.”

But he did. She could see it in his eyes. There, for a flash of an instant, she saw that boy in his eyes.

She licked suddenly dry lips. “Ewan? Is it you?”

He rose from the tub in an unholy rush. She didn’t have time to glanced away. The vision of his naked body, hard and lean, scarred and perfect, burned on her brain. He grabbed a cloth and covered his loins.

“This bath is over. Get out.”

She stood. Tried desperately not to tremble. “It is you. It is.”

“Get out. Go!”

“What happened to you, Ewan?”

A dark cloud lowered on his already stormy brow. “What happened to me? You mean how did I become the beast that I am?” The vitriol in his voice made her shake, but she didn’t back down.

“No, Ewan. Where did you go? No one would tell me and I always wondered…”

Every muscle in his body tensed, vibrated. Violet knew, because she could see them all, a magnificent panoply.

She should have been afraid. She should have been horrified. She should have skittered away like a frightened little rabbit. But she wasn’t afraid. She didn’t run.

She knew—knew—her Ewan would never hurt her.

Indeed, as he stared at her, his fury passed. He scrubbed a palm over his broad face. “Go,” he croaked. His tone was laced with an emotion she couldn’t decipher. Desolation? Greif? “Just go.”

This time, she did.

About Sabrina York
Her Royal Hotness, Sabrina York is the award winning author of over 20 hot, humorous stories for smart and sexy readers. Her titles range from sweet & sexy erotic romance to scorching BDSM. Connect with her on twitter @sabrina_york, on Facebook or on Pintrest. Check out Sabrina’s books and read an excerpt on Amazon or wherever e-books are sold. Visit her webpage at to check out her books, excerpts and contests. Grab her Free Teaser Book. And don’t forget to enter to win the royal tiara!

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Mar 18, 2014

Getting Down&Dirty with #MFRWauthor @MerryBond

We're getting Down & Dirty with MFRW Author Meredith Bond.
Meredith is an award-winning author of a series of traditionally published Regency romances and indie-published paranormal romances. Known for her characters “who slip readily into one’s heart”, Meredith’s paranormal romances include Magic In The Storm, Storm on the Horizon, and the short story “In A Beginning”. Her traditional Regencies include The Merry Men Quartet of which An Exotic Heir and A Dandy In Disguise have recently been republished.

Welcome Meredith. Tell us, generally, how long does it take you to write a book?
It takes me around five months to write a book from plotting through editing.

Do you have a set schedule for writing or do you just go with the flow? 
I write every afternoon – or at least that’s the goal, and pretty much, I stick with it.

Meredith also teaches writing at her local community college. If you want a taste of her class in book form, Chapter One is available at your favorite e-retailer. 

Tell us about your latest book, including its genre. Does it cross over to other genres?
It covers too many genres! It’s a New Adult Medieval Fantasy Romance. I get tired just writing all that out every time.

I love the New Adult genre. It’s actually what I’ve been writing for years, only they were called “traditional Regencies” when I first wrote them. LOL! Now I’ve got a new one with early 20-somethings who are trying to find themselves amidst the chaos of destiny coming to call and an evil power-hungry Lady Nimuë who is trying to take over Britain.

So, I’ve got New Adult – 20 somethings trying to figure out who they are.  I’ve got Medieval – it’s set 200 years after King Arthur’s death and has Lady Nimuë, the Lady of the Lake as the villain, Lady Morgan le Fey plays a role, as does Sir Dagonet, a knight of the Round Table (actually, he plays a very large role). Merlin pops in a few times as well. It’s a Fantasy – magic! Loads of magic and fun. And it’s a romance. Each book in the trilogy features one of the trio of lead characters in a romance and they all end happily ever after. 

How do you come up with story ideas? 
I came up with the idea for the Children on Avalon because I was trying to discover the beginning of the world I created in my Regency Paranormal Romance, Magic In The Storm. I created a world where there are a magical people called the Vallen who have magical abilities with which they help ordinary people. So anyone extraordinary (think Einstein, Benjamin Franklin, Shakespeare) are actually Vallen. 
I knew that Morgan le Fey and Merlin had to play a role because I love them so much, and I knew that the world had to begin with younger people trying to learn who they were. It just built from there. As with many of my books, I started with the characters and created a story around them.

What are your thoughts on love scenes in romance novels?
I love love scenes that are passionate and romantic. I don’t need to have all the body parts described, I know what they are. Most of all they need to pluck at my emotional strings and usually they lead to some conflict. 

What does your husband/wife think of your writing?
My husband reads just about everything I write. Admittedly, he doesn’t love the paranormal so much as the historicals, so he’s a little behind on this current series. But he’s extremely supportive of my work. 

Do you ever ask him/her for advice?
Always. He’s great at analyzing my work for character consistency, plot holes and just what works and what doesn’t.

Who, if anyone, has influenced your writing?
Georgette Heyer started me writing – I grew up reading her Regencies. Julia Quinn showed me what great characters can do for a story and just how important they are.  Mary Jo Putney taught me to love the modern Regency novel and now she’s writing paranormals too that are fantastic.

What can we expect from you in the future?
I’ve got much, much more to come! Way too many books, in fact. LOL!

After the Children of Avalon series is published (March, April and May, 2014), I’m going to get started revising and editing the two traditional Regencies to which I just got my rights back from Kensington Publishers. Then I’ve got another Regency I started a few years ago when I wrote a “Book In A Month” which will build on the characters in A Dandy In Disguise (one of my traditional Regencies which I re-released last year). And then more to come in my Vallen world. As I said, too many books!

How do we find out about you and your books?
You can sign up for my newsletter at my website. And I blog on the topics of writing and self-publishing every weekend. 

How can readers/fans contact you?
         Want to know more about Meredith? Check out her Social Media Links: 
         Pinterest  |  Twitter  |   Goodreads

Do your fans' comments and letters influence you in any way?
Absolutely! In fact, as soon as I’m done writing Fire (almost there!), the third book in my Children of Avalon trilogy, I’m going to take a break and write a short story specifically requested by my readers who read Storm on the Horizon and then Magic in the Storm. They needed a bit of a bridge between loving my heroine in SOTH, Tatiana to understanding how she became the villain in MITS. So, that’s up next for me.

Do you have a favorite comment or question from a reader?
I had a reader write to me after she received my last newsletter. She loved it so much, she said, that she forwarded it to six of her friends! Now that’s a fantastic fan! 

Do you have a favorite author? Favorite book? Favorite series?
Too many. My favorite book of all time is The Princess Bride by William Goldman. Right now I’m really enjoying Patricia Briggs’ Mercy Thompson series – slowly making my way through them. And I love Kerrelyn Sparks Vampire series – so much fun, she’s an auto-buy for me.

Cherries or Bananas?  Leather or lace?  Black or red?  Mud Bath or Oily Massage?
Cherries. Leather. Red. Oily massage – tonight would be fine, thank you.

And, the best question of all... if you came with a warning label, what would it say?
“Silly geek who loves to laugh. Handle with care.” 

Meredith's newest book is a New Adult Medieval Fantasy Romance published with Anessa Books is being released TODAY, March 18, 2014!

Blurb: In one day Scai has gone from being considered just unusual by the people of her little Welsh village to an outcast fleeing for her life. Left on the church steps as a baby, she knows nothing of her history—or her abilities. Did she really stop the rain just by wishing it to stop? But she is determined to learn all she can. Travelling alone to find her family seems to be the only way she’s going to find the answers she seeks.

Her journey leads her to the comical old knight Sir Dagonet, who tells her that she is one of a magical people called the Vallen. Together they continue on, joined by the handsome Dylan and the fiery Bridget on a new quest—to find the fabled Merlin’s Chalice, said to hold all the power of the entrapped wizard. Together, Scai, Dylan and Bridget discover that they are the long awaited Children of Avalon, destined to save the world from power-hungry Lady Nimuë—unless she kills them first.

Along the way, Scai finds magic—both in the wind and air that she can control at will, and in the sweet ache of a first love that she cannot.
Buy Links:

Mar 7, 2014

BOOK SPOTLIGHT: Dark Duke @Sabrina_York #MFRWauthor

MFRW Author Sabrina York released Dark Duke, an Erotic Regency Romance, on February 12,
2014 with Ellora’s Cave.

Edward Wyeth, the Dark Duke of Moncrieff’s life has been turned on its end. His well-ordered home has been invaded. By destitute relatives. From Scotland. How on earth can he write Lord Hedon’s salacious novels with hellions battling in the garden and starting fires in the library? But with the onslaught has come a delicious diversion. His cousin’s companion, the surprisingly intriguing Kaitlin MacAllister. Determined to seduce her, he convinces her to draw naughty pictures for his naughtier books…and he draws her into his decadent web.

But Kaitlin has a secret. She’s fled Scotland—and a very determined betrothed. When Edward’s cousin is kidnapped and held in her stead, Kaitlin is honor-bound to return to her homeland and rescue her—much to Edward’s chagrin. Suddenly he can’t bear the thought of Kaitlin marrying another man. He can’t bear the thought of losing her at all.

Warnings: Explicit Sex  |  Heat Level: R 

What Reviewers Say...
“This book was freaking phenomenal…I absolutely loved every part of it. Dark Duke is a must read if you love historical with a little BDSM thrown in. Get ready to laugh and drool until the very last page.” – The To Be Read List
Meet the Author
Author Website  |  Author Blog  |  Facebook  |  Twitter


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