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Sep 9, 2016

Book Bundle Spotlight: SCANDALOUSLY YOURS by #MFRWauthors

Scandalously Yours

Through the ages, where there has been society there have always been norms and, conversely, scandals when love gets in the way of propriety, and love prevails over social mores of the times.

From the ancient Celts to medieval Cornwall, from Regency and Victorian England to the American west after the War Between the States, eight stories by multi-published, bestselling authors explore the triumphs of love between a man and a woman—even scandalous love—over what’s considered “proper” in their time. " "Through the ages, where there has been society there have always been norms and, conversely, scandals when love gets in the way of propriety, and love prevails over social mores of the times.
Chapter One
Early October 1866, Central Missouri
Rachel Conroy’s hand trembled as she shoved the gunnysack across the bank counter. She jerked a quick glance at the big clock on the wall. The Diamond Bluff bank closed in one minute. Nightfall had finally approached. Thank goodness the cobblestone streets of the German settlement were quiet now—the reason she’d chosen this time of day to execute her plan.
Still, she was literally risking her blasted neck. But sakes alive, what other choice had there been?
She gripped the cold gun, peered over the cloth stretched across her nose and cheeks, and drew in a shaky breath. “Everything in the drawer, mister. Coins, gold, silver, paper. Whatever you’ve got. And do it pronto or you’ll be seein’ your maker before you can holler howdy.”
She held her gaze steady and studied the teller. He stiffened behind the counter, his head lowered beneath a wide-brimmed felt hat. Honey-toned hair fell in a thick, straight mass to his brawny shoulders. By golly, she had to admit they were nice shoulders. The kind a woman could hang on to in the throes of passion, the kind that would bunch beneath her fingers when he thrust into her center. Her palms started to itch. She suddenly imagined reaching through the iron bars and tipping up his chin so she could see his face. She wanted to look into his eyes and have him tell her everything was going to be all right, that he would—
She shook her head to rid her mind of the stupid thoughts.
Hellfire and damnation, Rachel. Have you lost your cotton-pickin’ mind?
Well, she was robbing a bank. That certainly qualified her as barmy. But dang it all to hell, she couldn’t afford to slip into the coddling arms of her wild imagination, not in the middle of a cussed hold-up of all things.
He continued to keep his head downcast—or maybe if he was smart he stood motionless with fear, aware a burglary ensued. Her attention moved to the book he had his nose buried in. She took one step closer. A quick glance at the fancy script across the top of the page read, “Winemaking.”
Winemaking? Now that’s one convoluted banker to be reading about grapes of all things, and while piles of loot surrounded him.
She gave a mental shrug and blinked. Pay attention, you idiot. Rachel wagged the gun back and forth, nearly clanking it against the bars. “Did you hear me, pal? I said everything. Now.”
The clock ticked mockingly.
Gaddurn it, she wished he’d raise his head.
She waited for what seemed like danged eons, longing to glimpse the eyes and peer into the soul of her victim, to see that he paid for his association with the bank owner, that bastard Heinrich Finster.
When he continued to disregard her, she cleared her throat. “You keep ignorin’ me, you swine, that book’ll be blown to smithereens right along with your skull.”
At last his gaze rose slowly. Ah, here we go. She swallowed a lump and planted her feet apart, steadying the weapon for the action to come.
With an arrogant jerk of his head, he swung the longer strands of hair behind his broad shoulders. A familiar straight nose and strong, square jaw became visible. Rachel sucked in a faint breath, making the kerchief quiver over her mouth. Drat. It was the newcomer in town. She didn’t know his name, but she was certain it was him due to his usual conceit—he’d never seemed to notice her, moving in that swagger of his from the livery to the general store to the locksmith as if he owned this entire hellhole excuse for a town. As if everyone, and most especially Rachel, were beneath him.
Or didn’t exist at all.
Hmph. Yeah that was probably what he’d thoughtuntil now, until her weapon looked as real to him as a rattler staring him right in that handsome face of his.
She released a breath of relief. It was really a good thing. Since he’d never laid eyes on her before now, he wouldn’t recognize her. Feeling secure behind her disguise for the first time since donning it fifteen minutes ago, she allowed her gaze to scan his face, noting how it fit with his burly body. Lordy, but she’d never seen him this close up before. Her stomach did a flip as she studied the well-put-together features and big presence that made her feel dwarfed. No, make that womanly. Her face warmed at that surprising thought, but she didn’t have time to examine her silly-girl reactions. The visual path of his gaze traveled up the length of the gun, then along her arm and briefly settled on her chest. She stiffened, shivered. Though she’d bound her breasts flat, her nipples tingled at that quick brush, and she became starkly aware of her femininity beneath the lad’s garb.

Mar 15, 2015

#MFRWauthor BOOK SPOTLIGHT: Home to Stay @JeLQuinnAuthor

Home to Stay
Erotic Contemporary Romance
by Jane Leopold Quinn

When Nickie begins restoring an old house in Parkersburg, Iowa, the last thing she expects is a stalker. But when Deputy Sheriff Hank responds to her call for help, all thoughts of danger flee her mind. The more she's forced to be with him, the stronger her attraction grows. He's never been the staying kind, but he can't fight his own growing feelings for her.

5 Stars - ""Masterful storytelling with terrific character interaction and lots of heat."" by Rose Anderson

     Hands shaking and in a rush, she hooked the snap between her breasts, jiggling a little to settle herself in the cups. She rubbed at the burning prickles on the back of her neck. Crossman. It was Crossman. She knew it was him before she turned around.

He stared at her from the darkened hallway, his rapt gaze heating her skin. She crossed her arms over her breasts. To give the devil his due, he drew his gaze up to her face. She wondered if he was married, because the way he looked at her made her hope he wasn’t.

Nickie Grace’s ex was the quintessential cheating bastard. Rehabbing her great-aunt’s house in Parkersburg, Iowa would be her refuge from her feeling of failure.  Until someone started playing “pranks” on her, and Hank, the cop, started wanting to protect her.

ABOUT Jane Leopold Quinn
Sensual fantasies were locked in my mind for years until a friend said, "Why don't you write them down?" Why not, indeed? One spiral notebook, a pen and the unleashing of my imagination later, and here I am with more than a dozen books published. The craft of writing erotic romance has become my passion and my niche in life. I love every part of the creative process — developing characters, designing the plot, even drawing the layout of physical spaces from my stories. I'm lucky enough to write romance full time — the best job in the universe!  |

Feb 3, 2015

BOOK SPOTLIGHT: Wooing The Librarian by #MFRWauthor Jane Leopold Quinn @jelquinnauthor

MFRW Author Jane Leopold Quinn released Wooing the Librarian, an Erotic Historical
Western Romance.

After a spectacularly failed romance left her devastated, all Isis Garrett wants is to start her library in this California town. The last thing she wants is another man, not even the handsome preacher who offers his church for her books.

Pres MacKay is starting a new life as a preacher. He can’t hide his attraction to the sweetly rounded new librarian even as she pushes him away. Can he discover the way into her closed heart and prove to her he’s one of the good guys?

Pres isn’t about to give up on Isis, though. The question is can she forget the pain of the past and see a future with him?

Isis roams to a bench in the park to find some privacy from Pres and read a book - something librarians love to do almost more than anything else. She's joined by another young woman, someone who needs a friend and, of course, a book…
Each in her own thoughts, they sat without speaking for a minute. Finally, Isis asked, ""You'd like to borrow a book?""
""Yes, if you'll lend to me.""
""Of course, I will. The books are for anyone to read. What kind of stories do you like?""
Opal laughed outright then. ""Believe it or not, I like to read romance stories. You wouldn't think I would, but they're pleasant enough to pass the daytime with.""
Isis smiled and held up the book in her lap. ""Have you ever read anything by Fanny Burney?""
""No, I've never heard of her.""
""She was a British author from the last century and wrote about English society at that time.""
""I like reading about the past. It kind of takes me away from my present life."" She gave a little self-deprecating chuckle and blushed under the face paint.
""Here then, take this."" Isis offered the book to Opal.
""But you're reading it. I don't want to take it from you.""
""Please. I've read it before. Tell me later if you liked it. I have more by the same author.""
""How will I return it to you?""
""Just come into the library any time you'd like. I'll be there.""
""Someone might see me.""
""And what's wrong with that?""
Opal scowled. ""Some people might think me unfit.""
Isis pressed her lips together. ""Well, I don't, and it's my library. So there!""
Opal chuckled and said, ""You're sweet. I hope you don't get any nasty remarks.""
""I can handle anyone, don't you worry. Books are for everyone to enjoy. You'll come back and talk to me, won't you? We'll talk about the story."" Isis smiled encouragingly.
Opal clutched the book as if it were precious and beamed back. ""I will, and I'll take very good care of this."

About Jane Leopold Quinn
Sensual fantasies were locked in my mind for years until a friend said, "Why don't you write them?" Why not, indeed? One spiral notebook, a pen and the unleashing of my imagination brought me to more than a dozen books published. The craft of writing romance is my passion in life. I love every part of the creative process — developing characters, designing the plot, even drawing the layout of physical spaces from my stories. But now I'm lucky enough to write romance full time, and I'm fortunate enough to have found my own happily ever after husband.  |  |

Jan 18, 2015

BOOK SPOTLIGHT: Jake and Ivy by #MFRWauthor Jane Leopold Quinn @jelquinnauthor

MFRW Author Jane Leopold Quinn released Jake and Ivy, an Erotic Historical Western Romance, in the Fall 2014.

Ivy Westlake comes alive at her friend’s hacienda in Mexico when she discovers the Flamenco. Her wild side is unleashed in the sensuality of dancing. She will not be forced into a marriage of convenience, so she flees with the dance troupe.

Jake Agee, cowboy, loner, has built a life with no commitments. That explodes in his face when Ivy dances. He spots her again performing in a small California town. He battles his desire to have this woman against his well-honed sense of independence.

Jake and Ivy perform their own style of pas de deux throughout southern California until their passions ignite in a desert cave in the middle of a thunder storm. Jake fights his growing love as Ivy fights her craving for their erotic pursuits. Jake’s long lost brother suddenly and mysteriously surfaces. Will this appearance tear Jake and Ivy apart? Will it destroy their love?

It was more than just wanting to seduce her, he could find a willing woman. But could he find one with Ivy's specific attributes—stubborn, courageous, unconsciously sensuous but innocent at the same time. She rode like a man, danced like a dream, looked like an angel and kissed like the very devil. How could this eastern girl, brought up in the lap of luxury living a life so completely different from his, have any interest in him? He could no longer ignore the spark he knew they'd both felt the first time they'd set eyes on each other and whenever they kissed. As much as he tried to think it through logically, it wasn't something that could be reasoned out. He'd ridden around in circles, literally and figuratively, until he'd made his decision.
While wiping the horse down with rags from his saddlebags, he saw her in his peripheral vision flinch at every lightning flash and boom of thunder. She stood shivering against the wall, watching his every move, watching the rain and wind whip through the brush outside the cave. She hugged her arms, rubbing them distractedly. She must be freezing in her clothing soaked from the driving rain.
""Easy, boy,"" he murmured soothingly to his horse. Easy, boy. Soothing himself. She'd come willingly but did she know what was going to happen? Easy. Don't frighten her.
""I'll make a fire."" He squatted and lit the brush inside a circle of stones he'd set up earlier when he'd found the cave. Fitful flames finally flared, their light steadier and more comforting than the lightning flashes.
Pushing himself upright off his bent knees, he turned and focused on her. His gaze swept from her feet to her intense wide eyes. Loosened hair tumbled over her shoulders and breasts, her hard nipples clearly jutting against the clingy wet cloth of her shirt. His cock throbbed at the sight.
She shivered.
""Take this off."" He fingered the collar of her shirt. A frown flashed in her dark eyes. He didn't want her to be frightened. ""You're cold,"" he explained softly. Although she'd willingly come with him, he wouldn't rush her. He wanted her more than life itself but she was a virgin. Faltering for a moment, knowing he'd be her first, he begged God to keep him from taking her like some sort of wild beast. Even though, with the aching cock in his pants demanding satisfaction, that's exactly what he felt like.
God, she's beautiful. A dark cloud of wavy hair surrounded her head, his fingers tingling to sift though the strands. A sharp crack of thunder interrupted his thoughts. He swiveled his head at the sound of a frightened whinny and assured himself his horse was all right.
Turning back, he saw her blink and lick her lips. On edge himself, he never dropped his gaze but kept his hands at his sides. It was the last time he was aware of anything outside of the cave, outside the two of them.
She began unbuttoning her shirt. He watched avidly, controlling his greedy desire. Flicking a glance to her eyes, he found her staring at him, both uncertainty and a growing arousal in hers.
""Ivy sweetheart, don't be afraid,"" he murmured.
""I'm not,"" she responded, the hitch in her breathing belying her claim.

ABOUT Jane Leopold Quinn
Sensual fantasies were locked in my mind for years until a friend said, "Why don't you write them?" Why not? One notebook, a pen and the unleashing of my imagination later with more than a dozen books published. The craft of writing erotic romance has become my passion. I love every part of the creative process — developing characters, designing the plot, even drawing the layout of physical spaces from my stories.  Now I'm lucky enough to write romance full time — the best job in the universe!  |

Mar 3, 2014

BOOK SPOTLIGHT: Lost and Found @jelQuinnAuthor #MFRWauthor

MFRW Author Jane Leopold Quinn released Lost and Found, a Contemporary Erotic Romantic
Suspense, on February 7, 2014 with Ellora's Cave.
Hunky Marine Marc Rahn enlisted after high school graduation to escape the pain of his parents’ fatal car wreck. Now on leave after eight years and multiple deployments, he returns to his small hometown to put to rest his suspicions that the “accident” might actually have been anything but.

What he doesn’t expect is an intriguing flash of a pierced nipple from a new neighbor on move-in day. The breast’s owner, Phoebe Barnes, is a beautiful young jazz singer who plans to make it big in the music business. Her early years in foster care made her hungry for attention and fame, and she’s out to achieve both at almost any cost.

Despite their differing paths, Marc and Phoebe quickly give in to the sizzling attraction between them. But will their passion turn deadly when the person who killed Marc’s family decides two murders might not have been enough?
Meet the Author
Author Website  |  Author Blog  |  Twitter

Feb 21, 2014

BOOK SPOTLIGHT: Scorching Mini Tales @jelquinnauthor Jane Leopold Quinn #MFRWauthor

MFRW Author Jane Leopold Quinn released Scorching Mini Tales: The Education of Eris, My Parisian Sabbatical, a self-published Contemporary Erotic Romance, on January 18, 2014.

My Parisian Sabbatical
Angry and broken hearted, Madeline Stuart recovers from a failed love affair. The last thing she expects and wants is an attraction to a stranger in a Parisian café. Charlie Bemis can't take his eyes off the woman he wants to paint, and he doesn't care she's a tad bit older than he is. In this first person short romance, live through Maddie's eyes and sexual awakening as Charlie paints her in every way possible.

The Education of Eris
Eris and Nora are best friends. Nora has fought her attraction to her friend since the day they met. Now that Eris' marriage is on the rocks, Nora comforts her, a comfort that turns into sexual feelings. Shocked and aroused, Eris must decide. Does she leave her husband to pursue a same sex relationship? Can she accept this change in her life and move forward with her best friend?
Warnings: Explicit Sex
Heat Level: R

More About Jane Leopold Quinn 
Author Blog  |  Exquisite Quills  |  Twitter

Jan 6, 2013

Book Spotlight ~ The Keeper

Author:  Jane Leopold Quinn
Book:    The Keeper
Release Date:  May 31, 2012
Publisher:  Self Published
Genre: Contemporary Alternative Lifestyle
Warnings:  Explicit Sex, Light Bondage
Heat Level: R+
Format:  Kindle E-Book
Author Website:

Sharon Timmons picked herself up from a rough childhood, making a new life for herself. Dumped by her cop boyfriend, his partner rescued her, heart and soul. No one had ever really needed Pete Rayne until Sharon came along. A knockout with insecurities, Pete scooped her up in his arms–literally–and didn’t plan to let her go. He’s determined to prove he’s the one man who’ll love her forever. Sharon finally realizes her intense, honest relationship with Pete is true, and that he is “The Keeper.”


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