May 28, 2015

#Thursday13 Favorite Foods from #MFRWauthor @LizziTremayne

For today's Thursday13, #MFRW Author Lizzi Tremayne shares thirteen favorite foods.                                                           A Long Trail Rolling
                                                       Book 1 in The Long Trails series 
                                                                  Blue Mist Publishing.

It might have been the mare that did it, stopping dead in her tracks, nearly dropping Aleksandra over her shoulder, or maybe it was the flies that buzzed around the blood pooling beneath the butchered man in the Pony Express station doorway. Whichever it was, it got her full attention.
Blurb: Seventeen year old Aleksandra, trained in the Cossack arts from infancy by her father, finds herself alone and running to prevent her Pa's killer from obtaining a secret coveted by the Russian Czar, one which could alter the forces of power in Europe. Disguised as a Pony Express rider in 1860's Utah Territory, she finds herself in even deeper trouble when she rides full speed into the middle of the Indian Paiute Wars. Her Californio boss Xavier has a strength to match her own, but can they overcome their differences before the ever-increasing odds overtake them?

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Lizzy's favorite foods:
(not necessarily in order)
--baklava, that's been sitting for a day or two... mmmmm...
--sourdough waffles and pancakes with real maple syrup
--fresh fruit or produce from our orchard or garden, just picked and eaten IN the garden for breakfast!
--candied walnuts
--danish aeblekake, made with apples or any other fruit! (not the layered and caramelised one)
--a really good steak, , from our coobeasties...perfectly medium rare and nearly charred outside (lots of carcinogens, makes up for fact that don't eat them otherwise!)
--gorgeous fresh salad
--perfectly ripe cantaloupe (Rock Melon to us down under)
--strawberries and cherries.. preferably injected with something after being dipped in dark chocolate...
--OH YES... how could I forget my staple... dark chocolate
--Eggs... every day. :) every way. Free range from our chickens.
--Black forest cake... made with.. yep, you guessed it.. dk choc.
--Cheese... preferably Castello Blue... hmmm.. that's fifteen... but when it's your favourite foods we're talking about, who's counting?

You can find Lizzi here:
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May 26, 2015

#MFRWauthor Interview with @AdamMannAuthor The Road to Beria #erotica @ButterflyBooks9

Meet MFRW Author Adam Mann.

Adam has lived and worked in Africa and Asia for many years.  He has always been fascinated by personal relationships, and in real life is now enjoying his fourth marriage, after being widowed, divorced, had one marriage annulled as this ‘wife’ had forgotten to get divorced.

As a result he has extensive experience of social and sexual activities, which he brings into all his 16 books in explicit detail.  Underlying all these activities is a quest for a loving and ongoing relationship with his partner.  Three novels have been based in Africa.

Why did you decide to write?
I started writing historical novels in 1996, which I enjoyed but the research is extensive.  When I approached Smashwords to publish that first novel I noticed a lot of erotic books being published.  I read one or two and thought I could do a lot better, and probably had considerably more experience and had acqured a greater technique than the authors of the novels I had read!

What I did not like was the frequent use of four letter words!  I think that those are completely unnecessary, and I would never have used one or sullied myself when making love to a beautiful lady!

Where are your books set?
Three of my books are based in Africa, and in countries which I know well, and I have brought humour into the stories, in one case as a joke.
I have seven children and four grandchildren to youngest of which is an absolute angel – a seven year old granddaughter.  Now I know where they come from!
I have lived and worked in developing countries most of my life.  I prefer the clean air in the mountains to a tropical beach - salt water and sand are not my favourites.  My most horrific experience was visiting the site of a massacre during the Biafran War, which I detailed in my biography.

Is humour important in books?
I do enjoy a good sense of humour, but there is not one specific experience that I remember.   I do enjoy my life and my family, even though a daughter of a friend of my wife was murdered two days ago – five men have been arrested! My favourite author is still P G Wodehouse.

What's your writing process like?
I write most of my romance novels in about three weeks, but before I start I use Excel to detail the characters and the plot, and the word count as I write each chapter.

The story in some books does not always stay with the original plot, as the characters can take over.
I am happy to be contacted by readers, through the guest page on my website or even directly to my email address

Tell us about your writing career.
Although I started writing so many years ago, I did not start my romance novels until three years ago.  I find that when not writing I’m dealing with book promotions.  I have written over 20 romance novels with 18 at Smashwords and one each at Blushing Books, Phaze Books and eXtasy Books. And I have six or seven more in the pipeline.

I find the long wait for agents and publishers is frankly intolerable, so I revert to self-publishing in most cases.  This also means self promotion – who is the brand; the author or the book?  This gives established publishers a head start.

When I can finally put together a manuscript, a synopsis and a book cover I can relax, and pick up the book I was reading before I started that novel.

Princess Le Ngoc Han from QUANG TRUNG,
Roxanne Green from RED HIGH HEELS,
Helga Hufflepuff from HELGA’S RED THIGH BOOTS,
Tong Craig from KEEP OFF THIS GRASS,
William from IT’S JUST NOT CRICKET!,
All the characters developed by P G Wodehouse.

Share your latest release.
The Road to Beira, an Erotic Contemporary Romance, with Butterfly Books

Colin and Monique meet one another on a dusty road about one hundred miles from Beira in Mozambique.  They had previously known one another when they were students but over twenty years ago, and then their lives had taken completely different paths.

Monique had just been through a nasty divorce, and had settled down to raise her two children whilst getting on with her career as a recruitment specialist.  The tall dark Colin still attracts her and she realizes that she would have to take the lead if their relationship were to develop and romance were to blossom!

It works!  But her life is complicated by the lawyers representing her recent husband who try to stop her relationship with Colin.  Can her glowing auburn hair, her attractive breasts and passionate body win the battle?

Remote Africa, Old friends attracted, auburn hair, 
tall and dark, attractive breasts, love and passion

“Let’s stop here for lunch?” suggested Laura, and the driver obediently drove the vehicle to the verge of the road.  There was very little traffic now that they were nearly one hundred miles from Beira.“How far is it altogether?”“We measured it several times, and it’s about 260 kilometres from Beira, which is about 165 miles,” said Hugh joining in the conversation.  He had been quite quiet until now.They sat on a grassy bank to eat lunch, ensuring that the driver was also fed, but they decided to leave the wine until they arrived.  The rainy season was just ending, so the landscape was green, and the hills were a dark grey in the distance.  There was no sun today but it was not cold.Monique, due to force of habit, put away the uneaten food, and packed the plastic box into the vehicle, whilst the driver started the engine.  Or at least, he tried to start the engine!The engine was diesel, which usually are very reliable, and the driver got out to open the bonnet.  He was not an engineer so he just poked around at various parts of the engine, checked the water level in the radiator, and looked around for help!  He was lucky, as another 4WD vehicle was just approaching.The driver stopped and a tall thin European got out and approached them, seeing the vehicle bonnet open.“Can I help?” he asked in English.“We stopped for lunch and now it won’t start again,” explained Hugh.“Colin!” exclaimed Monique, “what are you doing here?”They all looked at Monique, and then the new arrival.“Monique?” he said, “perhaps I should ask the same!”Monique turned to the others; “we’re in luck, this is an old friend of mine from university days and his name is Colin.” and then she turned back to Colin.“What are you doing here?” she repeated.“I work here,” Colin explained, “I’m doing a survey for a new community development plan,”“What about you?” he added.  Colin could remember the attractive student he had met so many years ago, but circumstances did not allow them to do more than meet for an occasional coffee.

May 25, 2015

Quick and Quirky Questions for #MFRWauthor Louisa Masters @EllorasCave

MEET Louisa Masters
Louisa lives in Melbourne, Australia, where she has a long-standing love affair with the sensual pleasures of life: wine, bubble baths, ice-cream and books. Nothing gives an illicit thrill like reading a sexy story on the train while those around you are oblivious. Get into a sexy state of mind and feel that thrill with Louisa’s books!

If money were not an object, where would you most like to live?
Hee hee! If money were not an object, I would have no fixed address. I might have a base of operations in Melbourne, because that's where my family is, but I'd spend most of the year traveling, setting myself up in different but equally amazing cities around the world for months at a time.

What is your secret guilty pleasure? 
Erm - it's not so much a secret, but I have an ongoing love affair with food that's not good for me. I have been known to be secretive about its consumption, because if nobody knows, it never happened!

If you were on a reality show, what one would it be?
I'm going to be boring with this one, and choose something in the home renovations line. I'm not a terribly adventurous person, so anything that involves perilous activity is automatically off the list!

City life or country life?
City, definitely. Although I'd like to have access to the country for the occasional weekend escape.

Zebras or elephants?
If I don't say zebras, my sister-in-law may hurt me. She has a weird thing for them, and she may be tiny, but she's fierce. So, um, zebras. Although I do love the shape of elephants' ears....

Ebook or paperback? 
This is an impossible question! While I love the convenience of ebooks, and the way they've opened the market to so many possibilities, I also love being able to hold a paperback, flip through the pages - and most importantly for me, check the ending is a happy one (I know a lot of people are horrified by that). I also love being able to pick up a paperback and read the blurb. You just can't do that with ebooks. Having said that, I read almost exclusively in ebook format these days, just because I have no room for more paperbacks.

Picture yourself as a store. Considering your personality and lifestyle, what type of products would be sold there? 
Books. Lots of books. Ice cream, chocolate and pastries. Shoes - but only pretty ones.
And probably stationery, because who can resist paperclips in a dozen colors?

Louisa's latest book is Irish Allure
a book in the Emerald Isle Fantasies series
Contemporary Erotic Romance
Ellora's Cave

Jillian is planning a wedding for the bride from hell—who suddenly decides to move the event to Ireland with less than a month to go. Lucky for Jillian, the groom’s brother is available to lend a hand.

Sexy, charming Fin clearly has more on his mind than just helping Jillian with the wedding. But she knows Bridezilla will not tolerate the hired help consorting with her future brother-in-law. Jillian can’t risk being blackballed, so it’s seriously hands off Fin, no matter how irresistible he is and how energetically he pursues her. If only Castle Tullamore weren’t so romantic—and if only she could stop tearing off his clothes every time she gets into that antique elevator with him.

Someone cleared their throat behind her, and a shudder ran down her spine. Surely she couldn’t be this unlucky?Turning, she smiled weakly. “Hi, Fin.”“Jillian.” He raised an eyebrow. “I haven’t seen you for a while. Were you waiting?” He gestured at the lift, door open, and she flushed. Of course he’d catch her daydreaming about him.“Er.” She stepped into the elevator. “I was—distracted.” He followed her in and pushed the button for his floor, then hers. The door closed.Her fingers started to itch. His hair looked so soft. She wanted to run her hands through it, tug a little, use her grip to guide his head down…Fuck it…

May 24, 2015

BOOK SPOTLIGHT: Just One Friend by #MFRWauthor @juneshaw and Grandkids too!

Just One Friend

June Shaw, Brooke & Caroline Naquin
Mainstream (PG13) Young Adult Dystopian

After warfare destroyed most of the country, only one area remains where people can survive. Because of limited food and space, the leaders decreed that each person is allowed to have only one friend. 

A teenage girl believes things should be otherwise. 

Sixteen-year-old Alabama Long keeps her head high, even with the heavy metal ball the Guards chained to her back. She feels the eyes of Tellers on her as she’s led down the dirt road to the old stadium, where a scanner checks the device implanted in her heel and wants the name of her friend. Her grandmother who’s raised her is the only person she can speak to freely while inside their dwelling, but why not one or more of those other teen girls she performs with? Or the Teller boy who watches her with a different kind of interest? Soon she’s thrust into realizing that the scruffy mutt who tries to jump hurdles with her will become the catalyst to send her and her friend and maybe one of the two boys who show interest in her to discover a better place—or their cruel deaths. 

    “You don’t trust him,” Gram says.
    “How can we have confidence in someone whose job is spying on citizens and reporting infractions of its rules?”
   “Alabama, he has to do some job he’s given.”
   “I can’t believe you’re saying that and suggesting he can be believed.”
   Her eyes soften. “He seems to like you.”
   “Yes, he probably already reported me for escaping This Place.” I find a boulder near a small clearing. “Sit there, Gram. I’ll take this patch of grass.”
   She settles on the rock and I lay Mutt across my legs. The burnt side of his leg looks raw. White inflammation rims the burn’s edges.
   Sad-eyed, she nods. “Is he alive?”
   I was ready to check for his breathing before she asked, but I’d wanted to steel myself.  This raggedy dog across my lap has become even closer than a friend.
   “The rock’s moving!” Gram yells. The boulder she sits on has come to life.
    “Jump away from it!” I scramble, pulling her off the thing.  
    Unwrapping itself, the boulder unfolds jagged edges. Its arms stretch out two feet, its legs shorter. It’s dark gray with a flat head and long fat snout. This boulder creature’s eyes are pinpoints without lashes. It snaps razor-like teeth and lunges at me.
    “Alabama, run!” Gram calls, but I can’t leave her and Mutt.
    “I’ll kill it.” I jump aside as the thing comes for me, and I skim the ground for a make-shift weapon. There’s nothing but a tiny rock and small bush.
    Using a branch I break from the bush, I aim for its eye, but they are too small and I miss. The boulder creature’s snout widens and doubles in length while it whips its head toward Gram and releases a roar that shakes the ground.
    “No, come for me.” I’ll leap on its back and with the power and twisting motion I use before tossing the shot put, try to snap its neck. I take a step closer.
    It widens its mouth. Releasing a bellow my ears can barely stand, the thing scrambles at me.
    I’ll have only a second to throw myself on its back.
    Gram screams. I can’t stop to consider consequences.
    The creature’s howls reverberate through the forest. It whips its head back and forth, and I’m surprised to find edges of its neck sharp. The skin on its back feels smooth and almost impossible to hold onto. The muscles beneath me are thick. Rock hard. This devil I’m riding bucks, trying to throw me off. It snarls and twists its head, aiming rows of deadly teeth at me.
    The twisting and bucking throw me off balance, and the creature doesn’t have ears I can grab onto.
I push my hand and slip my fingers up on its head to poke out its eyes. My hand slides back, its head moving too fast for me to reach there.

ABOUT June Shaw, Brooke & Caroline Naquin
June Shaw has written humorous mysteries and books in other genres. She represents Louisiana on the board of Mystery Writers of America's Southwest Chapter and is the Published Author Liaison for Romance Writers of America's South Louisiana chapter.

Her teen granddaughters are avid readers who wanted to write a book with her. All three of them loved Hunger Games, so it was easy for them to decide on a genre.

READ June's Blog!

May 22, 2015

BOOK SPOTLIGHT: Her Immortal Viking by #MFRWauthor @Adele_Downs

Her Immortal Viking

Adele Downs
Boroughs Publishing Group

Divine intervention. That’s all Penny asks. Freedom from overwork and mountainous debt. She sings songs of praise, chants like a yogi, and rubs her belly like Buddha until the crystal charm on her navel shimmers, all hoping to draw the attention of someone—anyone—“up there.”

In the west, beyond the seas, from the place between Heaven and Earth, an immortal hears Penny’s cries. Once a renowned Viking warrior, Gunnar has been cast into eternal servitude by an angry god. Now, while Penny sleeps, he comes to Earth to grant her wishes. But Penny is about to wake up, and so is every desire she’s ever known. To claim their fairy-tale ending, Gunnar must find a way to clear his name. Not only must his sword arm and courage stay strong, but their powerful love must cross the divide of a thousand years.

""Once again, Adele Downs creates the perfect love story."" 5 Stars!
~Girl With Pen

""Downs' clever mashup of Viking elements and contemporary romance (and oh, the hot, hot Viking!) make this novella an absolute winner."" ~5 Stars! Words, Words, Words

He smoothed her hair and rubbed a thick tendril between his thumb and forefinger. “I am Gunnar.” He pronounced the name Goo-nar.
An emblem of the sun, surrounded by a circle, had been branded on the back of his powerful hand. Penny touched the scar while he held a length of her hair, recognizing Freyr’s sacred insignia from her textbooks. “The pain must have been excruciating.” Without thinking, she lifted the old wound to her mouth and laid kisses along its perimeter before pressing a kiss to the icon inside.
Tremors vibrated across her lips when they touched the ancient symbol and her body tingled with the contact. The brand grew warm and then hot against her mouth, though it did not burn. She ran her tongue over the thick scars to erase the heat, and then licked the center, finishing with a tiny swirl.
Gunnar’s gasp of surprise was the last thing she expected when she lifted her head. He released her hair and drew away. 
“I’m sorry. I don’t know what got into me. Have I offended you?” 
She’d always been popular with men, and comfortable around them, but her behavior with Gunnar was bold, even for her. She sat up. “Am I under some kind of spell?”
Gunnar shook his head. “I used my powers to heal you, but your free will remains intact.”
She searched his face for clues about what to do next, because desire shone behind the wary expression in his eyes. Something else shone there, too. Gratitude. Penny waited for Gunnar’s reply without letting go of his disfigured hand. 
He said, “Kindness isn’t something I’m used to finding. Perhaps you’d be less inclined toward compassion if you knew what I’d done to deserve this brand of servitude.”
She reached out and draped an arm around his neck to bring him closer. Their gazes locked and held. Gunnar’s eyes were like pools of ice blue water that pulled her in and down.
Her breathing slowed while the sound of her heartbeat rushed blood through her ears. “I am Penelope. And if you’re from Alfheim, I know who and what you are. I just don’t understand why you’re here.” How could she deserve his rare, benevolent gifts? She was just an ordinary woman from an ordinary town, barely scraping by. 
His warm breath grazed her cheek in shallow rushes, lifting goose bumps across her skin. His wide, firm mouth smelled of sweet ground parsley and fresh-picked mint. “Sometimes we get what we need, simply because we ask. That’s the beauty and power of the unexpected.”
ABOUT The Author
Adele Downs writes best-selling contemporary romance inside the office of her rural Pennsylvania home. She is a former journalist, published in newspapers and magazines inside the USA, UK, and Caribbean.

Adele is an active member of Romance Writers of America and her local RWA chapter where she serves as a past-president. She has written several articles for RWR magazine (Romance Writers Report) and has presented workshops for writers.

When Adele isn’t working on her current project, she can be found riding in her convertible or reading a book on the nearest beach.
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May 21, 2015

The Stand-In #Thursday13 from #MFRWauthor@LeoRosanna

MFRW Author Rosanna Leo shares her book on Thursday13 .
Rosanna Leo is a multi-published, erotic romance author. Several of her books about Greek gods, selkies and shape shifters have been named Top Picks at Night Owl Romance and The Romance Reviews.

From Toronto, Canada, Rosanna occupies a house in the suburbs with her long-suffering husband, their two hungry sons and a tabby cat named Sweetie. When not writing, she can be found haunting dusty library stacks or planning her next star-crossed love affair.

A library employee by day, she is honored to be a member of the league of naughty librarians who also happen to write romance.  

13 Sentences from The Stand-In

1) “Well? Are you going to be a big star, or do I need to get out my voodoo dolls?”

2) Love was a farce, plain and simple. She was pretty sure it was invented by the greeting-card industry.

3) Who advertised for bridesmaids in the paper?

4) You’re not in any position to be noticing a lack of panty lines.

5) He knew a few dozen men who’d be intimidated into next year by her girl-next-door sex appeal.

6) She’d always been a sucker for a man with a devastating grin.

7) "So you don’t care the papers called me ‘a lothario’ and compared me to the Marquis de Sade?"

8) When their lips touched, she let out a muffled squeal, but it proved not to be the sound of protest she’d expected.

9) "When I get you home, you can make all the noise you want. In fact, I encourage it.”

10) “Jesus, Winn. You haven’t had sex in over a year and I diddled you under a table at a pirate wedding. I am a lothario.”

11) “Don’t be ashamed you’re sensitive. It’s the best thing about you.”

12) “I read your article. It’s a piece of shit, but hey, thanks for getting the spelling of my name right."

13) "I'd rough up a million losers for you." 


She glanced at her computer screen again. “Let’s see. Ah, yes. We’ll have you meet with Winn. And by the way, she’s lovely. She has the perfect look for this job. Accessible and fresh, but not intimidating. You’re in luck. She’s in the building right now.” She texted a command into her phone. “I’ll have my assistant send her right in.”In the time it took Margie Kent to flash her very pearly whites, a knock sounded on the door. These stand-ins were prompt. He supposed that was good in any business.“Come in, please,” Margie called.Patrick lifted his gaze toward the door and watched as a pear-shaped blonde entered. Christ. Margie had called this woman unintimidating. He knew a few dozen men who’d be intimidated into next year by her girl-next-door sex appeal. Chin-length golden hair framed her pleasantly round face. Amazing cheekbones. Bright blue eyes and a body that looked made for squeezing. Just the thought of pressing that luscious flesh made him hard. If she was a high-class call girl, and if he had to pay for love, he might be tempted to pull out his wallet. He cleared his throat and thought of the day Jason Dietrich fired him, just to make his boner disappear.Margie did the introductions in her singsong voice. “Winn Busby, this is Patrick Lincoln.”She stuck her hand out. “A pleasure to meet you.”As he shook her soft hand, Patrick waited for the old “that Patrick Lincoln?” but it never came. Thank God. Someone who didn’t know of his ruin.
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You can meet Rosanna here:

May 19, 2015

Do You Know #MFRWauthor Ashley York? @AshleyYork1066

MFRW Talks with Author Ashley York. Ashley writes historical romance.

Why did you decide to write romance?
I decided to write romance novels because I love romance. That's the truth. I love to read about couples who have married sixty years and then die holding hands. About the medieval couple they found buried, holding hands. I love to think about how much William of Normandy loved his wife and left her to rule his holdings in France. I love romance.

Since you write historical romance, tell us about your research.
My research involves primary source documents which are very limited for 1075. A lot has been written by academics about the period, though, so I use that information, too. It's just tough when academia suddenly decides to change it's perspective on an event. Such as the battle of Culloden. Really? The English weren't subjugating them? Okay.  I'll never buy that one. I understand the English (which I am very English) were powerful and that was their mindset - to conquer - but please don't try to convince me that in any way the Welsh, the Scots, the Irish somehow deserved it.

What do you do to relax?
I love music. All kinds. My favorite is good, live, celtic music. I love going to pubs and listening or participating in sessions. Sessions (open ones) are where musicians come together to share their love of the music. Various tunes get played that not all of them know, but they'll listen then join in. It's a great time. We have a lot of talent in the area. Musicians in Massachusetts and Connecticut. They all know each other and have played together. They may know nothing else about the other players, where they work or what they do for a living, but they'll remember the instruments they play or what tunes they know. It's great.

What about books? Who do you read?
Right now my favorite author is definitely Elizabeth Essex. Her writing is so fresh and exciting. I hate to stop reading but it's my reward when I'm on the tread mill so I have to be disciplined. It's hard. I just want to sit down and finish the whole thing. I know it's going to be satisfying.

What are the most important parts of romance?
The elements of a great romance start with a guy that is driven. He's hottest when he has interests that he feels strongly about: being a captain on a boat,  a knight in battle, a patriot fighting for freedom. Those are the guys heroines like best. It's a very sexy characteristic. I love romance. Everywhere. So the romance has to be good. The lead in. The dance around. The fulfillment. That's the best.

What does your writing schedule look like?
I have a set schedule that I try to stick to. I'm at my computer at 7 am but I work around my husband's schedule because I like spending time with him. I try to add to my WIP every day even if I have a lot of promoting or marketing to do. I also have to force myself to stop with the social media because it can suck you into that void and the next thing you know, hours have passed. Hours you can never get back.

What is the most difficult part of writing?
The hardest part of writing is the research because I love it so much. I could spend days and days going through primary sources and academic secondary sources. I just love it. Anything medieval. The more I learn, the better I feel about the time period. It's important to me that the reader not struggle with the facts. They shouldn't have to know all about The Norman Conquest in order to appreciate the story. I write romance not history but I do love learning.

Tell Us about your latest book.
My latest book is the second book in The Norman Conquest Series entitled The Gentle Knight. The hero is Peter of Normandy, who was introduced in The Saxon Bride. He's John's closest friend and he makes an appearance in the book as well. It's a medieval romance.

The story idea for The Saxon Bride came when I was spending time my sister. We were at the beach and she was telling me about this woman from her boyfriend's past that wouldn't let go. I had been playing around with the Conquest and found it fascinating. My hero was already a knight that had fought in the Battle of Hastings and even killed, inadvertantly, his wife's father. Talk about guilt. But the idea of a woman from his past that wouldn't back off came to me and I used the same name - Abigail! My sister and I pronounced like Seinfeld pronounced Newman. It was a lot of fun to create her. She may show herself again in book three.

The Gentle Knight
Book Two of The Norman Conquest Series

A medieval soldier returns home to find his lover died in childbirth just as his own mother had. Believing he is cursed, Peter of Normandy turns from love. When he must give escort to an Irish princess more noble than many knights, he struggles with his decision to live a solitary life. Can he take the chance that his love won't be a death sentence and possibly make them stronger?

Padraig MacNaughton's death bed decree rips his daughter from the shelter of her protective clan in Ireland. Forced to take vows at a Priory in England, Brighit finds herself in the hands of lecherous mercenaries with their own agendas. Dare she trust the Norman knight to see her safely to her new life as a nun? Even when she finds in him the fulfillment of all she's ever wanted?

Or will honor and duty eclipse their one chance for happiness?
""Do you have rooms for us?"" Peter's irritation intertwined with his unquenched desire.
""Yes, my lord."" The man bowed slightly then smiled. ""We have enough room in our outbuildings to accommodate a small army.""
He didn't have or need an army at the moment. What he needed was a willing woman.
Peter took another swallow of the warming liquid. He stood. The smoothness of his drink made a pleasant sweep through his body, down into his loins, and up into his head.
Brighit remained unmoving. Her head beside him, blurred slightly. He had the sudden urge to feel the softness of the brown hair that lay hidden beneath the stark white wimple. Run his hands through it. Slide his finger along her unyielding profile and tip her chin up ever so gently so he could meet her mouth for a warm, wet kiss—
Mort coughed loudly from across the table. ""You were saying, my lord?""
Mort's face appeared quite expectant but Peter wasn't sure what he had been sa—oh yes.
""Well, a warm bed or two would certainly suffice.""
The arousing picture of being in a warm bed with the even warmer body of Brighit beneath him flashed through his mind. Her lovely brown hair splayed across the pillows.
What can readers expect from you in the future?
In the future, I'm working on Book Three of The Norman Conquest Series, The Seventh Son. It's about Tadhg who is introducted in The Gentle Knight. A surprise to me was the character of Sean O'Cisoghe from The Gentle Knight. He just swaggered in the book and was such a great character, I'll be working on his story too." "I've been writing full-time for about two years. I just completed the second book in The Norman Conquest Series, The Gentle Knight. The first in that series is The Saxon Bride.

What is the most rewarding thing about being an author?
The most rewarding thing about being a writer is having an email from someone who read my book and liked it so much that they contacted me to tell me. That makes me cry every time. I'm so glad I took them to that place in our imaginations where we can get a break from life and pretend. We all need that.
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