Sep 30, 2014

SpotLight on Featured #MFRWauthor of the Month Suz deMello @SuzdeMello

Things Go Bump in the Night in Suz deMello’s Vampire Stories

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It’s almost October, which means we’re closing in on Halloween. Suz will be featuring her paranormal stories in October but don’t worry—there will be lots of steam!


Here’s an excerpt from Blood is Thicker, a vampire tale set in northern California. A paranormal action-adventure, it features two vampires, one selkie and a kidnapped baby.


I cannot begin to describe the communion that’s created when two immortals connect. Kissing is like an orgasm not only of the body, but of the mind and soul as well. Yes, we have souls, unnatural though they may be.


I tugged him closer, frantic to feel his chest against mine, desperate for his cock to enter me. It had been so long… Besides, up close and personal, John’s sheer masculinity overwhelmed me. I’d forgotten how seductive lust could be. I could become addicted to his kiss, the hard planes of his body beneath my questing fingertips, his raw animal blood-scent.


If you like what you read, find the complete short story here:


About the author:

Best-selling, award-winning author Suz deMello, a.k.a Sue Swift, has written seventeen romance novels in several subgenres, including erotica, comedy, historical, paranormal, mystery and suspense, plus a number of short stories and non-fiction articles on writing. A freelance editor, she’s held the positions of managing editor and senior editor, working for such firms as Totally Bound, Liquid Silver Books and Ai Press. She also takes private clients.

Her books have been favorably reviewed in Publishers Weekly, Kirkus and Booklist, won a contest or two, attained the finals of the RITA and hit several bestseller lists.

A former trial attorney, her passion is world travel. She’s left the US over a dozen times, including lengthy stints working overseas. She’s now writing a vampire tale and planning her next trip.

find Suzie’s books here: (publisher’s site)






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Kinky Toes is an erotic romance with Ellora's Cave by Suz deMello. 

Shelbie Nathanson resents Rick Saldano's ascension to C.O.O. of her family's shoe company, a job she's wanted all her life. But she can't resist his red-hot, sexy style of lovemaking... one that focuses on her passion: shoes.

The moment they were alone in the elevator, she sprang at him and pressed her lips against his. His arms wrapped around her and held her tight as his tongue invaded her mouth. She sucked at him hard, shoving her hands into his hair. He tasted and felt divine.

Her body was aflame, all light and heat, and he picked her up as though she were made of unsubstantial fire, weighing nothing. She wrapped her legs around his waist, clinging to his shoulders. His big hands supported her under her ass, and he rubbed and kneaded the cheeks as he walked, continuing to kiss her hard and deep, the thrusts of his tongue presaging what she hoped his cock would be doing very soon.

He forced her against the wall, keeping her pinned with his solid, muscular body while he found his keys in his pocket and opened a nearby door. Dragging her through, he kicked the door shut.
She was trapped with him in the darkness. It was crazy, but she didn't care. At that moment, she didn't give two farts about the company or anything else except getting this man inside her.

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Favorite Quote

Why did Rick the number-cruncher have to be so pussy-clenching, nipple-hardening, clit-wetting, squirm-inducingly sexy?

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Sep 28, 2014

Some Quick 'N Quirky Questions for #MFRWauthor @LaceDaltyn

MFRW asked Lace Daltyn some quick questions. Read her quirky answers...
Lace Daltyn lives in the shadow of the majestic Mount Rainier in the Pacific Northwest, where she writes sensual stories about fantasies fulfilled. She settled down with a man whose first words to her were "Save me a dance." That's all it took. Four little words and she was a goner. Twenty years later, she still remembers that first kiss, standing beside his very cool Ford Mustang. That kiss, and the future love it represented, is the reason she enjoys stories filled with romance and emotion. And dancing. Always dancing.

If money were not an object, where would you most like to live? Alaska. Maybe around Fairbanks. There's something about the idea of hibernating, but still having enough civilization around to keep me human, that I love. :)

What song would best describe your life? That's easy, since I just listened to it again the other day. Poems, Prayers, and Promises by the late, great, John Denver. ""I have to say it now, it's been good life all in all, it's really fine to have a chance to hang around.""

If you were on a reality show, what one would it be? Amazing Race. I'm hooked on that show and would love to chase around the world. Of course, I'm also a bit, um, impatient, so I'm not certain how far I'd make it.

If you were stranded on a tropical island, who would it be with? You can choose any living, deceased or mythical figure. Aragorn. Definitely. I like the tall, dark, and quiet types. :)

If you were a tool, what would people use you to do? I'd be paper and pen, and people would use me to organize. I'm a huge list-maker and organizer.

Ebook or paperback? Both. I love traveling with my eReader, but also love turning the tech off sometimes with a paperback. Both work for me.

What is the one question you wish an interviewer would ask you? Do I have any pets? Yep. One. A 17-pound cat named Dude who rules the house and kicks me out of my office chair for his naps.

Lace Daltyn released Masquerade (Secrets, Book 1), an erotic contemporary romance, with Evernight Publishing in May 2014.

Book One: Masquerade
Frigid bitch. The words seep into Beth Ritmour's soul, no matter how hard she tries to deny them. A year after her divorce, they still haunt her. So when a mysterious benefactor offers a solution to her problem, Beth takes a vacation from her job as a dental hygienist and follows a cryptic note to Chicago, where she’s soon ensconced as a waitress at Club Masquerade. Although how she’s going to prove she’s not frigid is hard to figure out when the boss makes it very clear that sex, or any precursors to sex, with patrons or employees is strictly taboo. It’s not an easy rule to follow, especially when one deliciously hot bartender keeps very, very close tabs on her.

The world is full of secrets...
Evernight  |  ARE  |  Amazon

Beth rung the piece of paper in her hands like it was a rag she needed to dry, wondering for the umpteenth time what she had gotten herself into.
As the train slowed in equal measures with her heart’s increasing speed, she spread the note out on her lap, trying to iron the wrinkles out with her hands, and read again what she had committed to memory.
Take the 08:30 train to Chicago. Tickets await you at the on-call window. It is important that you take only this train. Missing it will end your journey before it starts. Upon arrival, make your way to the address listed on the front of this card. Arrive promptly at 1600 hours.
Further instructions await you there.
Beth twirled an escaped tendril of auburn hair around her finger as she searched the simple missive for clues, and then turned to look out the window. The city was a far sight different from the small community she had come to love. Her apartment looked across the Mississippi River to plains filled with knee-high corn this time of year. Here, concrete towers looked angry and foreboding, and the heat of summer only made them shimmer with sinister intent. It seemed different from when she’d lived here. Was it the city or her that had changed?
The screech of train brakes, along with the pervasive smell of diesel-fueled engines and heated steel rails reminded Beth the train had almost come to a stop. The urge to stay, to let the train carry her through the turn-around and back to her home, cemented her to the seat more effectively than sweaty summer skin on leather. This wasn’t like her. She didn’t take off for parts unknown without a single idea what would happen at the other end. Beth clutched the paper to her chest. It would be easy. Just sit here and let the train take her home. Home was safe.
Frigid bitch. Her ex-husband Steve’s words flash-froze her intent to flee. She wasn’t frigid. She knew she wasn’t. Still, like she’d written on the application that had kicked off this journey, if you hear the words often enough, you start to believe them. She’d thought him wrong for the longest time. Before Steve, there had been a brief moment filled with passion she couldn’t seem to recapture. The flash of bodies, of dark hair trailing after liquid kisses in a frenzied moment felt branded in her mind, yet her body no longer registered even the slightest reaction, only the lingering pain of loss.
Beth stared out the window, trying not to remember. The only way to prove her ex wrong was to get off the train. They were in the station. She could hear the passengers around her shuffling through the process of gathering their belongings.
She wiped her hands on her new body-hugging jeans and reached for her luggage, walking off the train on unsteady legs into the humid July heat of Chicago.
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Sep 26, 2014

BOOK SPOTLIGHT: Love Seeks No Boundaries by #MFRWauthor Sourabh Khanna @SourabhK85

MFRW Author Sourabh Khanna released Love Seeks No Boundaries with Notion Press in May 2014.
What is so important in this world?
Love or hate?
Of course, it’s “HATE”.
We hate others because they are from different religion. If they are from same religion then we hate them because they are from different sub castes. That goes on and on. There should be only one religion to follow in this world, that is, HUMANITY.
But we have totally forgotten about humanity to live with. We just know about which religion we belong to or who are our relatives and with whom we have to gel up. But this was not what god intended. God didn’t create those religions and castes. These were made by humans like us. These beliefs have been engrained in the natural way of our culture, passed down through generation to generation that we have no choice but to follow and worship.
Well, this is a story of two souls who fell in love with each other and then get into trap of blind society and mythical religions & caste systems and how they managed to remove the shackles and freed from any barriers as Love Seeks No Boundaries….
About Sourabh Khanna
Sourabh Khanna is a commerce graduate from Punjab University and a business diploma holder from Wintec, Hamilton, New Zealand. He was born and brought up in a small town in Punjab, India and is currently residing in New Zealand. The author loves writing poems and songs, which reflect the sensitive and emotional side of his personality. He was inspired by the famous author Paulo Coelho. Apart from reading and writing, he is fond of movies and cricket. You can reach him at

Sep 25, 2014

Broken Bonds on #Thursday13 with #MFRWauthor @MadCapMaggie

MFRW Author Margaret Fieland released Broken Bonds, Novels of Aleyne Book 2, a GLBT Sci Fi Romance, with MuseItUp Publishing in July 2013.

When Major Brad Reynolds is assigned to head the Terran Federation base on planet Aleyne, the last thing he expects to find is love, and certainly not with one of the alien Aleyni. How can he keep his lover, in the face of political maneuvering and of Ardaval's feelings for his former partners— and theirs for him? When you bend the rules, they may snap back and hit you in the face.

MuseItUp  |  Amazon  |  Barnes & Noble

Broken Bonds, surprised me. It's a science fiction romance, but it gave me so many things to think about. Poetry, love. relationships. spirituality, family, right and wrong.I think that's what I love most about this series, it's not a heavy book/series but it's not fluff either. I can not think of any other book I could relate to this series, it's so unique and refreshing. The action kept me reading way passed bedtime. I could not put it down I just had to see how things were going to end.A book that stayed true to the magic of the series and one I will most definitely read again and again.
5 stars, can not wait for more from the series!
          Posted by Amazon Reviewer

Thirteen sentences from Broken Bonds

1. Until a moment ago, Brad would rather have settled into his quarters than attend the formal reception welcoming him here.

 2. He couldn't ignore this connection, wish it away, any longer.

 3. Ardaval drew him close, and Brad opened his mouth for the kiss.

4. Brad hesitated for a moment, then leaned over and kissed Ardaval on the mouth, a promise of more.

5. “In Common I'd simply say I love you.”

6. He'd received his answer, but what did the spirits want him to do?

7. He couldn't put words to the depth of his love for Ardaval.

8. Holding out a hand, Ardaval drew Brad closer still.

9.Imarin was very possessive, but normally he held himself in check better than this.

10.  How could he react so strongly to another man, especially after he and Ardaval swore rolor?

11.“Major Reynolds, you are accused of high treason and are to be remanded for trial on New Oregon.”

12.  If only he could return to the day Imarin and the others left for good, the day he'd stood by and let Imra go.

13.  Nothing would glue their love together again.

About Margaret
Born and raised in New York City, Margaret Fieland has been around art and music all her life.  Her poems and stories have appeared in journals such as  Turbulence Magazine, Front Range Review, and All Rights Reserved. She is one of the Poetic Muselings. Their poetry anthology, Lifelines, was published by Inkspotter Publishing in November, 2011.  She is the author of  Relocated, Geek Games, and Broken Bonds, published by MuseItUp Publishing , and of Sand in the Desert, a collection of science fiction persona poems. A chapter book is due out later this year.

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